Gail Gibson CFP

As a speaker and author, Gail has found her true calling. In semi-retirement, she is currently assisting the prestigious Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE) in South Africa and the International High Level Training Institute (HLTI) to create high performing professionals. She is involved in the creation of a new Compliance Practitioner qualification and in the Practice Management and Health areas of the Financial Planning Institute. She worked in various businesses from engineering to financial management before her true love, education. She has been instrumental in changing political outcomes and recreating more equitable consumer laws.

Her passion has grown from encouraging others to succeed in the fields in which they operate.

Gail believes in an effective and practical link between business, sales, legal, regulatory and oversight requirements. Her abilities and multiple seta accreditations led her to become a regulatory training manager at a prestigious international blue chip company. She consults with companies internationally on compliance issues.