About us

A Law Firm based in Benin - West Africa with a practice focused mainly on business and financial law. The firm assists clients in identifying and complying with the laws and regulations in force, and acts as a national and international adviser in the context of investment services.

Banking & Finance

- Banking and financial services regulation - Setting up financing operations ...

Why go to trial if you can avoid it ?

Litigation can be very costly. This is why the firm focuses primarily on legal advice and capacity building for companies and investment project actors. When litigation becomes unavoidable, we assist in the process of amicable settlement, mediation and arbitration. We also represent clients in court.

Our values

  • PROBABLE: To serve with integrity, uprightness, and loyalty.
  • PERFORMANCE: Demonstrate initiative, innovation, anticipation and proactivity.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Working with skill and passion to achieve the best results.
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